Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

Technichanvre produces a complete range of hemp based construction materials.

Who are we ?

The SCOP CHANVRIÈRE DU BELON was created in 1997 by three associates: a brick layer, a farmer and a manager. For a period of five years, Technichanvre cultivated and transformed its own hemp (retting and straw cut). Meanwhile, a dedicated team worked on the implementation of hempcrete in the south of britanny. The rest of the team worked on business development.

During five years Technichanvre carried out building projects in Britany and France. Through these required steps, it allowed us to apprehend the materials characteristics and benefits.

In 2001, The SCOP gave up the building projects to improve and develop the production of their hemp based products. One of the associates decided to launch his own company as a craftsman. (His core business was lime and hemp).

“La CHANVRIERE DU BELON” launched in 1999 a new product, hemp wool, in collaboration with EFFIREAL. From the beginning, tests are successful and the productis proven to bereliable. EFFIREAL and the SCOP “CHANVRIERE DU BELON” worked closely to improve its characteristics and introduce it on the then restrained green building materials market. At the start, focusing on the French market, sales were difficult, but some years after we can say that there has been an evident expansion.

Being the factories main client, The SCOP CHANVRIERE DU BELON takes the opportunity to become the main owner of EFFIREAL, this meaning it can overlook all production processes.

This is the time for recruitment to improve the quality of our products.

Today, TECHNICHANVRE is continuing to work each day on this specificity: the hemp and all ecological products for a high quality level in eco-building.

In September 2010 occurs a social restructuring. EFFIREAL becomes a SCOP, meaning that employees have the choice to invest in the company, andquite a number of them did. It shows the strong link between the company and its staff. We thank them all for it! Together we have the aim to serve our clients in the best way possible.

Today, TECHNICHANVRE continues to conceive building materials for high quality level eco-construction.

Our mainobjective: “Each employee has to find his place in the company and be closest to our core value. The work done must ultimately benefit the employee himself!

Notes : The SCOP CHANVRIÈRE DU BELON launched CHANVRÉE DIFFUSION, a company which manages alimentary, gardening and animal facilities made from hemp. From there on a series of products were developed such as the first ecological hemp beer « AL’AVEN » and an organic lemonade « CANNABUL ». There is also a wide range of biodegradable feltmulch (hemp, jute, hemp and jute), flanges for pots, soil protection mats for shrubs and plants, rollers for slopes and hedges.Concerningthe animal facilities, we produce a range of floor mats for rodent cages (comfort and hygiene for small animals).

At the end of 2002, CHANVRÉE DIFFUSION convinced the French customs board (DGCCRF) to authorize the sale of hemp oil: ORGANICHEMP OIL BIOMEGA. Chanvrée Diffusion also commercializes hemp flour (for bread), and hemp seeds (for animal feed)

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