Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

TECHNICHANVRE and EFFIREAL propose their know-how on others ecolological goods as EFFIBOIS wood, recycled coton and NATUR’LIN flax.
Effireal have produced wood fiber EFFIBOIS since 2012.
A wood insulating material panels of 45kg/m3 available in different thickness: 45, 80, 100, 120, 145 mm.
EFFIBOIS allows an efficient thermal insulation and energy saving.The wood is a natural insulation element wich can bring during winter and summer, a perfect thermal insulation (thermal return of 0.037W/m.K. within a manufactured process).
We also offer recycled cotton METISSE wich is a combination of french manufacturing, social reintegration and recycled process.
Recycled cotton Métisse®
It comes from recycled clothes unravelling; this products is concerned by SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPECT.
Métisse®, Wich mainly comes from COTTON clothes has a large scale of thermal and acoustic insulation products for building. It has been created in 2007 with LE RELAIS in coordination with our R&D and marketing team.
Under technical advice (Wall n°20-10-206, Roff n°20-10-207) in our manufacture located at Chemillé.