Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

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We produce our goods from French hemp and have been since 1997 for two reasons; support the French agricultural sector and support all farmers who want to diversify their cultures.

For your information :

“The life cycle assessment with a period of 100 years for 1 square meters of a hemp shuttered concrete wall set in a wood structure (26 cm thickness) keeps from 14 to 35 kg CO2 equivalent per square meters: that’s huge!
(source : INRA study from 2006 for ministry of agriculture and fisheries :”Etude des caractéristiques environnementales du chanvre par l’analyse de son cycle de vie”).
Like us, be a part of the development of this amazing crop in France and around the world.

Always insist on the traceability of your hemp products!