Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

Features for an efficient hemp and lime insulation pavement

  • Temperatures > from 5°C to 30°C/li>
  • house outside air out of water
  • set up a ground of 20/40 clean without sand (ask for a clean 20/40 to the close career)
  • Healthy foundation without capillarity. draining excessive water
  • Cable ducs and plumbing PER on the ground if it is needed
  • protected steel parts
  • protected woodwork
  • well protected visible woodwork
  • Manage your team !
  • (performance information : 35m² of pavement in 6 hours (at least) with 4 people)

STEP 1 : gravel ground


gravel ground floor (20/40) clean without sand. Thickness 20cm.

WATCH A VIDEO ON THE IMPLEMENTATION of plots to determine the level of your ground

STEP 2 : Hemp and lime implementation

1. Put the plots on the floor at the same level

2. Connecting the plots (= »valleys » or strips)

3. Manage you project.

Hemp and lime implementation

1. Fill the mortar between the valleys and the strips

2. Spread the mortar
3. settle the mortar without forcing.
WATCH A VIDEO OF IMPLEMENTATION of strips to check the level of the ground

STEP 3 : dry hemp and lime pavement

Thickness pf 15 cm on gravers ground

STEP 4 : The heat flooring is in option

ou can install a heat floor on your hemp and lime pavement(product flip OVENTROP : please find attached on pdf file the pavement available)

La Chanvrière du Belon have this type of heat flooring(29-Riec sur Belon). Installer : ARTECHEOL

ETAPE 5 : Lime and sand floor screed

Lime and sand floor screed pouring(thickness:5-6 cm) on the heat floor

STEP 6 : floor covering

terracotta coating sticked. Joints with hemp and sand 
Terracotta ofYVON CAILLEAU

Example of an upstairs hemp and lime pavement

In this case, the wooden framework was in place, and we decided to fill all empty spaces with hemp and lime to obtain a massive but light efficient acoustic insulation.


ADVICE : You don’t need to put some pre-framework before the pouring. Set up the pouding directly on the floor until reaching a flat base.
Put the joists on the dry pavement and fix the wooden framework (or make a lime with sand pouring and implement a coating like terranova …)