Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

On a bed of pebbles (20/40) clean without sand. Thickness 20cm.

Hemp and lime implementation

  1. make plots at good level
  2. connecting plots (=with strips or valleys)
  3. Check the equilibrium level.

Hemp and lime implementation

  1. fill the mortar between strips or valleys
  2. dispatch the mortar
  3. compact the pre-levelled ground moderately.

hemp and lime dry pavement, pre-levelled ground thickness 15 cm of bed of pebbles. You can implement an heating floor if you want. Available in our offices at Chanvrière du Belon (29-Riec sur Belon). installer : ARTECHEOL. hemp and sand floor laying (thickness:5-6 cm) on heating floor

terracotta facing stuck with a cement hemp grouting. Joints of hemp, terra-cotta and sand of YVON CAILLEAU