Les solutions chanvre pour le bâtiment / Building solutions with hemp

France is the first producer of hemp in Europe. Each year, approximately 8000 to 12 000 hectares of fields are selected for this cultivation.

TECHNICHANVRE uses a 100% french hemp

From the beginning, all of our hemp products come from French cultivation and are transformed in our two manufacturing sites:

  • The first one is located at Riec sur Belon (29 – Finistère) for wet laid fiber material : C015 and C005 (specific hemp aggregates)
  • The second one at Chemillé (49 – Maine et Loire) for dry laid fiber material : rolls and panels


Convinced by the multiple advantages of hemp in construction materials, the Chanvrière Du Belon’s founders promoted the benefits of hemp by sharing their knowledge and skills. Today, more than ever, Technihempis one of the main representations of hemp building abroad and in France, fully involved in training, and in conferences (Eg. : Hemp Building Symposium in Ireland, September 2009…).
Even though hemp is grown in multiple countries around the world, applications in the building sector and industrial hemps characteristics aren’t well-known. Nevertheless, collective and individual awareness for environmental issues, for healthy housing associated with new legislative and regulatory provisions bring a new way of thinking in building design. By sharing our knowledge and work experience, we hope to convince you to use hemp for your home. For more information on hemp sector, please find below the two main committees on the hemp sector in Europe:
IHBA International Hemp Building Association is aninternational exchange group of people who arespecializedin hemp building: join and participate on the blog.

EIHA European Industrial Hemp Association is the main association of industrial groups within the hemp sector in Europe; stakeholders in the agricultural sector, consumer sector, textile sector,…